Saturday, February 25

A Note for my darlings

My dear darlings Mahima and Chamki,
Its been a while. We've moved on. But I find it fascinating how this piece of our lives has been left hanging in existence. Like a thought that has been expressed, and is awaiting a reaction.... It ceases to exist the very moment after it has been expressed. Or if it does exist, its only as a memory of itself...

This particular blog is also an abstraction. Perhaps it has outlived the purpose of its creation. Or maybe, it was waiting for an occasion such as this. Today. Now.

Today I'm returning a bit to what we were. I have picked my Rider-Waite after about 5 years. Mahima, I hope some of the things you told me are willed into existence. Chamki, I yearn for your insight and openness. I still feel connected to you both. Soul sisters in a way. Bless my cards and me,for we are being born again.

All my love to you both.

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Saturday, April 30

Monday, June 15

Guess this place....

Does this look familiar ??

Guess This Place???

guess this place...

Saturday, April 21

Days go by...

I leave this post here to put a date and a word to describe our day here.
That way we can see who is having fun and who is fighting for world peace.
Yes fighting for ... world peace. get it? Fighting!
Never mind, I'm convinced I'm not funny.

So I begin
(like always)

STRICTLY ONE WORD. Cumming permitted.

April 21

May 4

July 10

August 21
crazy mix

Thursday, April 5


m pensive

I don't know what to write so...

Wednesday, April 4

Are you guys avoiding me?
You guys!!!!

If I leave a comment on your blogs, you guys don't respond.
Every one is busy talking about hostel life and hostel friends.
I put your potraits here!!!!

Am I invisible?
Yes, that I am.
But I still exist you know!

(door bang)
Exit stage left

Tuesday, April 3

This is supposed to be a photo at Marble Stairs

Ok. I know you guys don't like this right now. Ok you never looked like this and never will. Now just excuse my poor drawing and say something funny before i have to sulk.

Miss M.

I made a drawing of Mahima and did something terribly wrong. Well, try not to spot it and try not to remind her of it. Also, the lips which are a typical of Miss M are very hard to perfect. They have been coloured on photoshop to save me and my drawing skills of ridicule. Nice cover up na? Looks like I only got the glasses right. See... it may not look like our very own Miss M but it looks like someone who must have lived or will live on the face of this earth someday so thats a considerable improvement and I must be congratulated, don't you think?